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How the Church of Christ will be celebrating this Christmas

The significance of Christmas

 According to the Christian Church is to commemorate the day of the birth of Jesus Christ in remembrance of the day the saviour of the Christian faith and the Son of God was born into this world to redeem all of mankind from the bondage of its own evil deeds. All over the world, Christians and other well wishers celebrate this event in a collective act of cheerful giving and merriment with family, friends and even strangers too expectedly. It is one of the most celebrated events in the world and as such a lot of expectations and preparations go into making every Christmas holiday a purposeful and memorable one. So how will the Church of Christ be celebrating this Christmas?

Chrinstingle CoC

Different beliefs and cultures, though generally having a similar concept, have their own different ways of observing this event. For most churches, the day normally begins with the processions of church service where believers come to praise, worship, pray or listen to a sermon mainly focused on Christmas doctrines and principles. Normally after this, believers retreat to their various recreational activities. The Church of Christ followers celebrate Christmas in a similar fashion with some exceptions due to certain established guidelines to ensure the festivities do not compromise the obligations of their faith. For instance, they tend to participate solely in the religious aspect of Christmas rather than acknowledging the gratification of Santa Claus during the Christmas period. 

The Church of Christ exists and is believed to be the true Church restored during the final days by the instruction of Jesus Christ himself to prepare the world for His final return. Originating from the early church set up by Jesus Christ and His 12 Disciples, the church was restored in 1830 after it experienced an apostasy but the true members stayed devoted and strong to their calling and the church thrived ever since. The Church experienced a lot of tribulations during the years after their origination which could be as a result of the devil's negative influence on members of the church through false doctrines and other means to bring down the true Church of Christ. This crisis may have played a large role in justifying why they tend to be very prudent with their participation in festivities. There are many Churches of Christ with many more members spread across different countries and their reactions to Christmas have changed in recent times but you can be certain the church members will be looking forward to the holidays like everyone else, in the spirit of Christmas.

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